Where to find our sourdough in DFW:

Roots Coffeehouse

Avocado toast on table with coffee at Roots Coffeehouse
Photo by vegan_icepetals

You can find our Country White Sourdough on many delicious toast (AM Menu) and sandwich (PM Menu) items at Roots! We have even seen some of our sourdough bread bits included on their cheese boards. The Greens & Goat sandwich is our personal fave! (Photo Cred IG: @vegan_icepetals)

Wood & Grain Bistro

Mushroom burger with fries on table at Wood & Grain Bistro in Bedford.

Wood & Grain has incorporated our breads into a few different tasty menu items: Challah is the star of their French Toast, Brioche buns accent their burgers, and classic artisan sourdough is the canvas of their toast! Our hearts were stolen by the Portabella Burger.

Arcadia Coffee

Charcoal Sourdough available exclusively at Arcadia Coffee in Fort Worth.

 Our new Charcoal Sourdough is now used on the menu and  sold EXCLUSIVELY at Arcadia Coffee! Their coffeeshop just opened up in "The Good Hood" at Near Southside in Fort Worth. Stop by their spot on Bryan Avenue and enjoy the awesome natural light, wall mural and general good vibe! While you're there, check out their toast and sandwich menu to get a slice of our bread.

Ampersand Coffee @ TCU University

Ten Grain Sourdough available at Ampersand Coffee and Neighbor's House Grocery in Fort Worth.

At Ampersand, you can find our Ten Grain sourdough as well as our Country White sourdough on their delicious toast menu! This creative coffee house is all about bringing community closer together. With a convenient location on the TCU campus, it definitely boasts a unique and trendy space to get to know your neighbor! 


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