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Frequently Asked Questions

Which one of your breads is sourdough? 

Short answer: all of our breads are sourdough but not all of them taste sour! 

Long answer: This is our most common question, and we totally understand. Most people think sourdough is a "flavor" of bread but in reality, it's a dough technique in which you use fermented flour and water to cultivate wild yeast (which is floating in the air and on everything around us, amazing!) and then you use that mixture of flour and water to "leaven" the bread - aka, make it puff up into a fluffy loaf! This is a slow fermentation process that allows the gluten in the dough to be broken down and is much easier to digest! Most breads in stores nowadays are leavened with commercially manufactured yeast which does not allow the time for this process but here at The Proof Bakery, every single bread on our menu is sourdough.

Do you make gluten-free bread?

No, all of our breads contain wheat which contains gluten, however, the magical thing about sourdough bread is that the gluten proteins are heavily broken down. This means that most people with a gluten SENSITIVITY are able to eat our breads! Unfortunately, we recommend that any person with celiac disease or an otherwise serious allergy to wheat/gluten do not consume our products.

I don't like sourdough. (Not a question, but a comment we get from time to time)

If you aren't a fan of tangy/sour breads, we greatly encourage you to try our Brioche, Challah, or Wonder breads. You just might fall in love!

How old is your sourdough starter? 

Peach's birth month is September of 2017 - that makes her a little over 2 years old and bubbly as ever.

Where did you get your sourdough starter? 

Our sourdough culture was grown from scratch in the very first home our family shared together!

Can I place an order for bread?

Yes! Email us at to place an order for pickup at the Watauga or Glade Parks Farmers Market! (Please keep in mind that all orders require three days advanced notice).

We are happy to accommodate larger orders with 1 week advance notice. Email us at and we will be in touch!

Can you teach me how to make bread?

We are working diligently to create a bread-making class to offer the DFW community and can't wait to share our passion for sourdough with all of you!